Celebrating 35 Years

2021. Release

What began as a small, bespoke furniture company in 1986 led by founder and CEO Philip Young, is today celebrating 35 years of market leadership and design innovation in the interior solutions business. The Young Corporation is the leading provider of turn-key solutions to interior visions in the multi-family, hospitality, student housing and assisted living sectors. With over 1 500 staff across nine countries - and currently boasting eight exclusive brands - the corporation is focused on its goal to be a $1B global business.

“I am so proud of the journey we have been on and am truly excited about our future,” says Philip Young. “As a leader I believe our culture of integrity and generosity is key to our continued success. We've created an environment where curiosity is promoted, and new solutions are celebrated. It is with these same guiding principles that I began my own entrepreneurial journey,” he adds.

Intense curiosity

Philip’s curiosity with how things worked started as a boy when he would take apart his toys to better understand their mechanics. It was this curiosity that led him to his father’s workshop and onto the art of woodwork. In 1986, when he was first approached with a commission for custom furniture, Philip seized the opportunity and formed his first company, Sarana Jupiter Utama.


After traveling throughout Asia and Europe, Philip entered the highly competitive and technical world of office furniture production. He immediately noticed the lack of invention in the market and, drawing on his natural curiosity, Philip set his sights on developing the perfect office chair. His innovation vastly improved on the traditional design and manufacture, and he quickly launched a revolutionary ergonomic office chair. “I remember being at a trade show and what kept me busy was reprinting business cards to keep up with the demand,” says Philip.

It was this innovative design and technology that confirmed Philip’s belief that there is always a new way to face a challenge – and always a solution that improves on what is available.

With a fast-expanding business and having to compete in a market that was copying his own disruptive design, Philip turned his sights to the cabinet industry and turn-key interior solutions. In November 1996 he opened his first US office in California and launched the Young Corporation, bringing the many companies he’d opened over the years together under one umbrella and providing the platform for future growth.

“Our staff and clients are key to our success as they share the same vision of design excellence, quality-sourced products and manufacture – direct,” says Philip. “We are particularly proud of how we connect to our customer without the ‘the middle-man’. We manage the process from source to delivery, and onto installation.”